Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Burning Man

Ellen and I load Ben's van. This, after running out of gas while bringing the van over to Chris's. Which led to driving around Oakland at 4am trying to buy gas. While lead to getting hit-and-run rear-ended by someone who never put down his cell phone, even while speeding away. (Chris's Subaru was totaled.)

Ellen and I get to Vallejo where the van breaks down. Get towed back to Oakland. Rent a new van. Load it.

Rest time on the playa.

Our camp.

Chris arrives.

Saryn takes Azure for a spin.

Your narrator.

(After seven weeks of photo-taking in Europe, I was somehow not in the mood to chronicle Black Rock City, so most of these shots come from friends (Thanks, Scott!). If you have any BM06 photos of our gang that you would like to see up here, send them in. Thanks!)

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